Billy Connolly | The Adam Buxton Podcast

Since September 2015, Adam Buxton has produced The Adam Buxton Podcast, in which he interviews cultural figures including comedians, writers and musicians. The first series went out weekly in 2015 before a Christmas episode with Joe Cornish, in the style of their BBC Radio 6 show. Guests have included collaborators Louis Theroux, Joe Cornish and Charlie Brooker, as well as other public figures such as Jon Ronson, Caitlin Moran, Michael Palin and Brian Eno. It has won awards including Best Online Comedy Talk Show at the Online Radio Awards, Podcast Champion at the British Podcast Awards, and the Internet Award from Chortle.

The Big Yin is the greatest thing to come out of Glasgow, Scotland since polio and facial scars. One of the ‘good’ hippies, Billy has helped to reinforce the stereotype of the drunken, violent, foul mouthed, belligerent, resentment-filled, borderline Revolutionary Communist, Scotsman-about-town that the rest of the world envies and wishes to ape. (opinions are solely of the author and not World Comedy Stream which doesn’t want to get in trouble and will be as sycophantic as possible to whoever offers the most cash)

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