About Our Festival

World Comedy Stream Online Film Festival is a member of WWCSFF Film Festivals.

Our Online Film Festival attracts fantastic comedy films from around the world. We are here to showcase the most talented purveyors of humour on screen from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australasia. Our films are judged by our panel of comedy and film aficionados. We look for laugh out loud moments, great pacing, originality of thought and bravery or innovation in subject matter.

Who Can Apply

We accept submissions from every country in the world and the wider the variety of backgrounds of our filmmakers the better. Our festival features awards for different categories and cinematic skills. For example the Gold Medal Laurel for European Comedy Short and Most Original Screenplay. Please visit our awards page in the menu for more information.

What We Offer

We offer filmmakers a chance to have their work curated and added to our World Comedy Stream streaming site. A popular destination for those seeking hilarious and sometimes hard to find comedic treats from up and coming and established directors, actors, writers etc..

Come Join The Fun

Our festival has a wide variety of categories and genres to please every comedy fan. Not only that but our comedy films hail from every part of the globe. You will be introduced to other cultures and see the similarities and differences that we as humans all have.


We are filmmakers and comedy lovers who have been involved in the comedy and film industry for nearly two decades. We work in conjunction with WWCSFF Film Festivals, the London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival & World Comedy Stream to collect the most hilarious films from around the world.

Some of our awards…..