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Toll Booth

Terry starts working in an isolated toll booth on the Yorkshire moors, following his predecessor’s disappearance. His suspicions intensify throughout the night, finding out more disturbing details from the local odd-balls driving by. Exploring the foggy darkness, Terry makes a terrifying discovery. … Continue readingToll Booth

The Second Coming

The Second Coming is a short film depicting the most anticipated comeback of the common era, that of Jesus Christ, but this time he’s preaching from a different altar. JC takes to the comedy stage to dish out material that’s topical, relevant and irreverent, taking the world by storm but not quite according to God’s plan. … Continue readingThe Second Coming

The Deal

Tired of living sheltered 9-5 lives, Fran, Lou and Derek are looking to get high. Hash? Ganja? Mary Jane? Whatever it’s called, they wanna buy it. However, when their plan comes together without a hitch, in their underwhelmed state, the trio hatch a plan to swindle their dealer of his drugs and money – all from the comfort of their mini cooper. … Continue readingThe Deal

Half Hour

Matías brings a girl back home, whom he just met at a party. When they are about to have sex, Matías makes the mistake of calling her by the wrong name. The girl questions Matías to get him to say her real name, but he doesn’t remember. Disappointed, she orders Matías to get her a cab so she can leave and go home. The short film “HALF HOUR” plays out during the wait for that cab. Matías will try to seize that time to improve his image. … Continue readingHalf Hour

The Real Deal

The Real Deal is a black Comedy about Rob, a 30 year old CEO of his own startup, who is stranded in the desert. Right before he gives up hope of rescue, he comes across a game show “The Real Deal” in the middle of nowhere. When making a deal with the Host he realises he is playing the game of his life. … Continue readingThe Real Deal


Four cashiers stage a revolt by locking themselves inside the supermarket late at night in protest at the prospect of losing their jobs to a cashless system. As the night unfurls and negotiations are made, the group of friends share their anxieties of an uncertain future. … Continue readingCA$H

The Thick And The Thin

Created in the same mock-documentary style that “The Office” is so renowned for, “The Thick and The Thin” follows a day in the life of the staff of a family-owned Italian restaurant. Hilarity ensues as a unique array of characters, all remarkably played by real restaurant employees, go about their day, each facing their own individual challenges and evolving relationships. … Continue readingThe Thick And The Thin