A nerdy German comedy web series starring puppets, making fun of pop culture, history and humanity.

Nudinits – The Abominaball Snowman

nudinits are the quirky inhabitants of Woolly Bush, a village bursting with Britishness and bare bottoms.
In this holiday special, ‘The Abominaball Snowman’, Bernard and Barbara have great fun sliding down Bushy Mound in the snow.

The Squeaker

A short song/video about the tribulations of a professional busybody. Loosely based on “The Seeker” by The Who, which is a particular favourite of mine. Made using InkScape, Blender, Kdenlive, Audacity and the Gimp.


In a search of success, a noisy cat is trying to impress its neighbours during the night.

The White House Sprites – Believe in Me

The Oval walls are closing in on a discouraged Donald TRUMPY. Loyal acolyte KELLYANNE fails to cheer him up, so TRUMPY, inspired by the ghost of his father, DEAD FRED, brings down the House with a song and dance determined to remind himself no one is bigger, better or greater! The White House Sprites bear woeful witness.


Viruses attacked the Earth. Only the pirates wanted to protect the Earth. The viruses would not surrender. Eventually, brave pirates won the war. Who are the pirates?