A nerdy German comedy web series starring puppets, making fun of pop culture, history and humanity.

Nudinits – The Abominaball Snowman

nudinits are the quirky inhabitants of Woolly Bush, a village bursting with Britishness and bare bottoms.
In this holiday special, ‘The Abominaball Snowman’, Bernard and Barbara have great fun sliding down Bushy Mound in the snow.

Girl Brain

Brunch goes awry when that guy she’s dating doesn’t text back after ONE minute. Panic NATURALLY ensues inside her Girl Brain.


The new guy isn’t giving Will any respect at all. He’s been cracking out all his best anecdotes, and he’s still not the slightest bit impressed. What’s the problem?

Trash Talk

Tensions rise and tempers flare, as the annoying habits of two friends are thrown out into the open with the arrival of a third flatmate.


A gangster and her apprentice tortures their victim, until an unexpected intruder brings about a twist in the tale.

A Brief Exchange

A hand off which seems to be running pretty smoothly takes an unexpected turn. A film shot on a 100ft roll of 16mm film