A nerdy German comedy web series starring puppets, making fun of pop culture, history and humanity.

Why Do Men Live Before They Die ?!

The incongruous encounter of a man who wants to jump into water to end his life and a diver who does not dare to dive. Can this new friendship tell us more about the meaning of life?

Walter Treppiedi

Walter, a con artist, drives around the city with his sick guard dog in the back. Sometimes successful, other times less so, Walter keeps tricking people, until an acquaintance dares him to go two minutes without telling a lie.

Chasing Kesha

A Psychiatrist develops an unprofessional infatuation for one his patient’s multiple personalities.

Lucky Day !

Alone on a remote island, a plane crash survivor finally gets his chance to contact the outside world…


Sophie and her husband Fabian has left their flat in the hands of their friend Elle over the weekend. They are soon to find out that it was a big misstake.


In a search of success, a noisy cat is trying to impress its neighbours during the night.


Viruses attacked the Earth. Only the pirates wanted to protect the Earth. The viruses would not surrender. Eventually, brave pirates won the war. Who are the pirates?

Les Monstres

Five monsters living together plan to conquer the world but realize that they are … nice!