In a reality where gum doesn’t exist, Anne pitches an idea that could change the world.

Girl Brain

Brunch goes awry when that guy she’s dating doesn’t text back after ONE minute. Panic NATURALLY ensues inside her Girl Brain.

The Thick And The Thin

Created in the same mock-documentary style that “The Office” is so renowned for, “The Thick and The Thin” follows a day in the life of the staff of a family-owned Italian restaurant. Hilarity ensues as a unique array of characters, all remarkably played by real restaurant employees, go about their day, each facing their own individual challenges and evolving relationships.

The White House Sprites – Believe in Me

The Oval walls are closing in on a discouraged Donald TRUMPY. Loyal acolyte KELLYANNE fails to cheer him up, so TRUMPY, inspired by the ghost of his father, DEAD FRED, brings down the House with a song and dance determined to remind himself no one is bigger, better or greater! The White House Sprites bear woeful witness.

No Child Left Behind

Two 18 year old boys Jeff and Brian are about to graduate highschool and attend college, when they are sent back to the fifthgrade.


Idaho teenagers start an unconventional rock band in their garage.
It proves to be more complicated and challenging than they expected.

Cheddar Broc Bread Bowl

Bonnie and Sydney are just two normal girls with a totally normal hobby… that might get them in some serious trouble. But thankfully they’re too smart for that. Right?

A Brief Exchange

A hand off which seems to be running pretty smoothly takes an unexpected turn. A film shot on a 100ft roll of 16mm film