Toxic Kiss presents: Achtung, Mein Kunst (A Story of Fringe Dwellers)

An award-winning new Australian mockumentary that’s a loving ode to the fringe art scene, “Achtung, Mein Kunst” follows the misadventures of a fictitious theatre company and their quest for artistic nirvana (the proverbial “kunst”).

Ahead of their acceptance into the “Fringe-Dwellers Festival”, the theatre troupe “Toxic Kiss” have been approached by a German television crew to film their process.

The company’s founder Margot Koch (played by Clare Hennessy) is sure that the documentary will be a recording of their success (accolades and approval of her peers). But disaster, general incompetence and her own ego stand between her and glory.

Along with her hapless collaborator Benedict J. Jay-Jaye (played by Richie Black), she must find the resolve to conquer a lack of time, resources, talent and an audience to discover sublime kunst.

The series is composed of five web episodes of approximately 2-4 minutes each. It is framed as “Achtung, Mein Kunst”, the title of the documentary made by a “German Art Collective”.

A recent winner of the Paris Play Festival for “Best Web Series”, it was written and performed by Clare Hennessy and Richie Black. Produced by Clare Hennessy. With Stephanie Begg, Jodine Muir, Steve Maresca and Alexis Orosa. Sound design by Chloe Turner.

Australia | Director – Josh Mawer

ToxicKiss_Series 1 -All episodes from Josh Mawer on Vimeo.

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