In a never ending search for the perfect coffee, hipsters have scoured the globe for the ultimate ingredients.

Family Plot

Dobashi has just moved, and laments the lack of wifi in his apartment. But hold on…there’s a wifi signal from the Sada family next door! To get the password, he’ll have to step into the neighbors’ house, and when he does, he finds himself in the middle of an extraordinary situation.

Banned Betsy

After another bad day at work Betsy visits her weary friend Kurt for some canine therapy. A surprisingly aggressive dose of self-reflection soon follows as she traverses the colourful workings of her subconscious.

TIPS (Trailer)

A desperate server confronts her disappointed table, a young couple celebrating their Tinder anniversary, after they write a negative review about her service and hair online.

The Ultimate Showdown

Two champion actors are brought back into the ring to compete for the title of The Ultimate Showdown Champion. They compete in three rounds. First, TV and Film. Next, Theatre. And last though certainly not least, Method. Each contender is committed and highly skilled, so who will do what it takes to come out on top?

A Barbaric First Date

A short comedy film about Karen, an easily influenced women who casually gabs with her best friend all about her first date with another new …man?

Selling Out

Selling Out is a short comedy about an actress’ realisation that perhaps her life isn’t going to turn out the way she’d imagined.

The Schnoz

When Lydia’s grandma gives her a cheque for a nose job for her 21st birthday, it feels like a dream come true. That is, until she finds herself face to face with the ghost of her great grandmother, whose nose she has inherited.


An up-and-coming pornography actor feels he is being typecast as a plumber and comes to his agent/uncle looking for more substantive roles.

The World of the Ovalie and Its Secrets

Émile Chabarabero, a chatterbox rugby player with a Napoleonic complex and its amateur crew share the secrets of their sport; firstly, at speaking with pomposity, and then in the action with clumsiness.

Thanks, NHS

A young gay man wearing rainbow clothing is confronted by two homophobes in an alley. Luckily the two men have a hard time telling the difference between the pride flag and the NHS flag.